Sailing Instructors

  In the dynamic world of sailing instruction, where effective teaching and safety are paramount, reliable wind data is your essential tool. 

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Teach With Confidence

Teaching advanced sailing techniques requires precision and timing. With our wind meters, you can plan and execute drills with confidence, knowing you have the most accurate wind information.

Quickly Adapt to the Weather

 Wind conditions can change quickly, making it hard to keep your lessons on track. With our wind meters you can adapt your teaching on the spot.

This ensures your students get the most out of every lesson, learning how to handle real-world sailing situations.

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Smallest Meter In the Market

Lightweight and compact, the Ultrasonic Portable Mini is perfect for accurate readings of wind speed and direction, seamlessly integrating into your sailing routine.

Access Data On Your Phone

Calypso Instruments' wind meters feature Bluetooth connectivity, effortlessly linking to our Anemotracker app.

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