Racing & Sailing Dinghies

In the adrenaline-pumping world of racing and sailing dinghies, where split-decisions determine victory, reliable wind date is your competitive advantage. 

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It's Time to Be in Control

Unpredictable wind patterns and sudden shifts pose significant challenges for sailors. Our wind meters empower you to overcome these obstacles by delivering real-time data that enhances your decision-making.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Whether you're adjusting sail trim to maximize speed or choosing the optimal tack to the next mark, our instruments ensure you stay ahead of the competition, turning challenges into opportunities for victory.  

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Solar-Powered Wind Meter

This innovative wind meter not only measures wind conditions but also harnesses solar energy to stay powered up during extended races or remote sailing adventures. 

Access Data On Your Phone

Calypso Instruments' wind meters feature Bluetooth connectivity, effortlessly linking to our Anemotracker app.

Stay connected to real-time wind data directly on your smartphone or tablet, enhancing your racing strategy with intuitive data visualization and historical trends.

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