Yachts & Superyachts

In the luxury and high-performance world of yachting and superyachting, precise wind data is indispensable.

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Optimize Your Sailing Trips

Unpredictable wind conditions and sudden gusts can affect navigation, comfort, and safety.

A precision wind meter provides real-time insights, enabling you to make proactive adjustments for an optimal yachting experience.

Reduce Fuel Consumption!

Efficiency is key to maximizing the enjoyment and functionality of your yacht or superyacht.

Accurate wind measurements help streamline navigation, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance overall performance. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

Energy-Efficient Design

The wind meter's ultra-low power consumption makes it perfect for long-term use, helping you save energy and maintain efficiency on the water.

Its durable design ensures it can withstand harsh marine environments, making it a reliable companion for your operations. 

Seamless Integration

With NMEA 2000 compatibility, the Ultra-Low-Power Ultrasonic Wind Meter easily integrates with your vessel's systems, providing real-time wind data for improved navigation and decision-making.

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